Rondeau Group Fitness 2017 Season

I’m here with some exciting news today — particularly exciting if you’re local to the Boston area and also if you’re a Boston mom!

I’m excited to announce that the 2017 season of Rondeau Group Fitness starts up next Tuesday, June 6. I am so ready for a summer of workouts with a kick ass group of ladies who work so hard each and every class! And to top off my excitement, this year we have a pretty awesome addition to the schedule: Strong Mamas stroller bootcamp classes!

I’m so excited about the new stroller bootcamp, and I hope local mamas are as well. This will be a place where you can bring your little one along for the ride, get a great workout in, and be a part of a great community of strong, like-minded mamas who want to show their little ones what it means to be STRONG!

The schedule for our general RGF bootcamp classes will remain the same (Tuesday and Thursday mornings), and RGF Strong Mamas will meet on Tuesday and Friday. The full schedule is as follows:

RGF Bootcamp: Tuesday/Thursday at 6:30 am, Fallon Field, Roslindale (Boston). 

RGF Strong Mamas: Tuesday/Friday at 11 am, Fallon Field, Roslindale (Boston). 

For more details, click on over to the Group Fitness tab above!

RGF is a bootcamp class that is based around positivity, support, and community. We cheer each other on, we have a great time, and we work hard above all else! We train with resistance bands, medicine balls, weights, battle ropes, and other equipment for a full body workout every time, with a whole lot of variety. You won’t find another cookie cutter circuit bootcamp class here– we thrive on fun and creativity, and a little bit of friendly competition occasionally!

Bootcamp collage

The summer months are one of my favorite time of year, and not just because of the weather. I absolutely love watching the RGF ladies work hard throughout the summer, meeting goals and taking pride in the progress that they make. This summer will be no different, with many returning faces who are ready to start up again.

And for those who may be nervous or unsure of their abilities, don’t let the word “bootcamp” scare you off! RGF classes are for ALL abilities. Everything is able to be modified to fit different fitness levels, and I am extremely focused on keeping exercises pain free with good form.

Spread the word, join us, and bring your friends! Can’t wait to see some of you out there next week!



News, Updates, and New Services

Wow… what do we have here? News? Updates?

AND new services? Things are just getting wild.

Seriously though, I have a lot to tell you guys and I figured the best way would be to get everything out there in one post! So here we go. There are lots of things going on around here, such as…

Group Fitness.

The Group Fitness Page has been updated, and on it you’ll see that we are starting up with bootcamp in just a couple of weeks! The week of May 15th will be our starting date, which means that Tuesday May 17 will be our first class. If you’re new around here, I run group fitness classes here in the Jamaica Plain/Roslindale area of Boston on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 6:30 -7:30 am. Check out the group fitness page for more details, and come check us out! We have a great time, and I always love seeing new faces.

My main philosophy for these group fitness sessions is that it should be a positive experience for everyone. I will not get in your face and scream, nor will I run you into the ground just to say that I could. I will provide well thought out, challenging, but fun workouts for participants, and my only request is that you give everything your best shot. Can’t do a full push up (yet)? That’s okay! Everything we do can be modified to any level and is done so without judgement. 

group fitness 1

This year, classes will be moved to Fallon Field in Roslindale. It’s a great park with plenty of parking surrounding it, a couple of killer hills, some stairs to work that booty with, and a playground to get a little bit creative with our workouts. We’ll bring the same quality content that we had last year, in a new, improved (in my opinion) location. Anyone and everyone is welcome — women, men, bring a friend! Can’t wait to see some of you there!

group fitness 2

We will also be starting a new Facebook Group this year for group fitness, as a place where we can build a little bit of community for those who join class. Support, pictures, announcements — it will all be there. Don’t miss out!


New Services Coming (Very) Soon:

Starting on June 1, the following will be available here at I Train Therefore I Eat:

1. Online Custom Fitness Programs.

Accepting a certain number of clients per month, I’ll be offering fully customized 12 week workout programs here on the website. It will start with a questionnaire all about you and your activity level/lifestyle/goals, and then I’ll develop a plan that is specific to you. There will be a few different options for this that will include more/less features, so stay tuned for a new page that will break all of these down for you individually! These will include feedback about workouts/form, Skype sessions, email access for questions, and much more. Get the personalized touch without having to shell out hundreds per session at your local gym.

2. 8 Week Fitness Programs For All.

In addition to custom workout programs, I will also be offering a couple of different 8 week workout programs that you can purchase here with just one click! I understand that some people just can’t afford a custom plan or personal training, but still would appreciate a little bit of structure in their workouts. There will be a few different “tracks” to follow, depending on where you work out — in the gym or at home. These will not be customized person to person, but will be offered at a fraction of the price.

3. In Home Personal Training (local to Boston).

On a limited schedule, I will be offering in-home personal training to those local to the Boston area. Have a home gym but you’re not sure what to do with it? Don’t have a home gym but also don’t have time to leave due to having kids at home, working from home, etc? I’m your girl.

4. Outdoor Personal Training (local to Boston).

Again, for those who are looking for some personalized training outside of their normal gym or outside of the home, along with bootcamp sessions I will be available on a limited basis to train locally outdoors. There’s almost nothing better than a great workout outside on a beautiful day, and the possibilities are endless. Let’s get moving!

New Services Also Coming Soon:

Later on this summer, the following services will also be offered here at I Train Therefore I Eat:

1. Personal Health Coaching.

I will be completing my health coach certification early this summer, and soon after that will start accepting new clients who are looking to make improvements to their quality of life. From fitness to nutrition, to making decisions that impact your life in a positive way, this will be a great service for anyone who feels “stuck in a rut”, but can’t seem to figure out how to make those changes. This will be offered both locally and with distance coaching (online), and I couldn’t be more excited to begin to offer this to all of you.

2. “Healthy At Home” web/in person services.

There will also be some additional services offered with health coaching, such as “pantry clean outs”, grocery shopping 101 trips, webinars, etc. Webinars will be available to all near and far, and the others will be offered on a local case by case basis. These will be part of health coaching programs, and will serve to offer you the very best in healthy living.

So that’s it! Big news, more services, and I couldn’t be more excited for this summer to hit. I hope you all will join me in some of these endeavors, and also that you will spread the word to friends who you think may be interested. I couldn’t offer any of this without my faithful readers, so hopefully you’re as excited about this journey as I am!



Rondeau Group Fitness – Extended into Fall!

I have exciting news — Rondeau Group Fitness will be extended into the fall!


I originally planned to run this group through the summer months only, but I have recently decided that we will keep going into the fall. At least through September and probably October, weather permitting! We may get a little chilly at some point, but all the more reason to warm up with some killer workouts, right?

I love, LOVE, teaching this group. There are some amazingly strong, talented, successful women who come to work out with me each week, and they bring it every time. I would like to take this opportunity to invite YOU to join us, if you’re in the Boston area!

We meet every Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30 am in Franklin Park. Please click here for more details if you or a friend might be interested!

Here’s a little bit about what we do at RGF:

We smile

We work hard

We sweat

We encourage eachother

We welcome ALL levels of physical ability — just starting on your fitness journey? Great! Just ran a marathon? Wonderful! Somewhere in between? PERFECT!

(And we occasionally do burpees…Shhh.)

Things we don’t do at RGF:

Tear down our bodies or anyone else’s

Give up because we don’t think we can do something

Mountain Climbers (seriously, you won’t do them with me, I hate them).

And don’t forget that you get your very first class FREE. All I ask is if you enjoy it, tell your friends who may be interested too. The more the merrier, especially when it comes to Plank Chains (join us to find out what that is!)

*If you want a sneak peek into what we’ve been doing, sign up for the Rondeau Group Fitness Newsletter HERE!*

So if you’ve been feeling like it’s too late to start on your summer fitness plan (it’s not), or  you have a friend who has been putting off a fitness routine for one reason or another, this is the perfect time to join Rondeau Group Fitness. Finish out your summer and head into fall with the strength, power, and confidence you’ve been looking for. And join a fantastic          group of ladies as icing on the cake! (Men welcome too, of course!)

Please share this with anyone you think might be interested, and join us soon if you’re interested yourself! Drop ins are welcome, or sign up for specific classes here. See you soon!

Give Yourself Some Credit

As many of you know, I run a small outdoor group-fitness class a couple of mornings per week here in Boston (If you’re local, come join us! Click HERE for more info). This is my first summer doing this, and I must say that I absolutely love it. I can’t think of anything else besides November Project that has ever had me excited to get up at 5:15 am on a regular basis, but this has done it. I’m so happy I decided to go ahead and pursue this thing that I’ve been thinking about and talking about for so long — and I’m glad it’s working out so well! My post today is inspired by my class, but not in the way that you might think. You see, today’s post is not necessarily inspired by the kick ass women who show up on Tuesday and Thursday mornings ready to sweat with me (and they are all truly kick-ass women, trust me!). No, today’s post is inspired by a few words that almost all of them, without fail, have said to me when they show up on their first day:

“I’m really out of shape” … or some form of this phase.

It’s as if they think that they’re being judged before they’ve started, and they have to preemptively let me know not to expect too much from them.

But you know what? I do expect a lot from them. I expect them to try, I expect them to be positive, and I expect them to push through whatever it is they’re dealing with that day to treat their body’s with the love and respect it deserves. Even if it’s only 45 minutes out of their day, that is their time. And I know for some it is their only time in the day, as many are mothers of young children, some with extremely demanding careers.

I expect them to do their very best at whatever it is I’m asking them to do, even if they don’t do it perfectly. I expect them to treat themselves with respect, acknowledging that they chose to get up and be there at 6:30 am, and that shows some true motivation. I expect them to love the place that they are in with their body, and to know that we work out to help ourselves, not to beat ourselves up.

 What do I not expect? I don’t expect people to come and breeze through the workouts, because what’s the point in that? I don’t expect everyone to do everything with a smile on their face, I just want them to smile when it’s over, knowing that they just did something good for themselves.

The thing is though, I think that as women, we do this to ourselves a lot. At work we might say “This might be a dumb idea but…”, or “You probably already thought of this but…”. When this happens in the in the office, preemptively striking down your own ideas decreases the efficacy of whatever your following statement is, and I’d wager that it also tends to decrease your belief in your own ideas. So wouldn’t the same hold true for your workouts?

I’m a firm believer that attitude is half the battle when it comes to challenging workouts. When you show up and the first words out of your mouth are about how out of shape you are, you’re already digging yourself a little hole that you have to climb back out of before you even begin your warm up. The truth is, I don’t care how in shape or out of shape someone is before coming to my class, because that does not matter in that moment. What does matter is that they are there, that they got themselves out of bed before 6 am to be there, and that they have made the commitment to do something good for themselves that day. Those are the things that matter, not how quickly they can run a mile.

 So instead of “I’m in really bad shape”, next time someone new shows up, I would love to hear them say “I haven’t been doing as much as I would like, but I’m really proud of myself that I made it here this morning”. Because I am proud of them, every single day that they show up. I’m proud of them whether they can do 1 push up or 25 push ups. I’m proud of them whether they can finish 8 rounds of our circuit or only 2. I’m proud of them for taking some time for themselves, working as hard as they can and striving each class to do what’s best for their bodies on that particular day.

And when it comes down to it, life is not about being the most “in shape”. We don’t get gold stars or points on a leader board in real life for being the fastest or the strongest. But when we consciously make strides to take care of our bodies and to nurture our souls with positivity and encouragement, instead of tearing ourselves down with doubt, that is when we win. In shape or not, what matters is this moment and what you’re doing to make your future better.

Exciting Announcement: Summer Bootcamp Series

I have some super exciting news for you all!

This is something that I’ve been thinking about for the past couple of years… and thinking… and thinking…

Finally I decided that it was time to stop thinking and time to start DOING!


So this summer, I will begin a series of small-group bootcamp style training sessions here in Jamaica Plain. Boston residents, and JP in particular, this is for YOU. The health and fitness community in JP is thriving — every nice day there are throngs of people out walking and jogging on the trails around Franklin Park and Jamaica Pond. But beyond that, there isn’t a ton here in JP in terms of fitness studios or classes.

RGF classes will take place in Franklin Park, but we may venture to other areas of JP from time to time as well. Stay tuned for a Facebook Page for Rondeau Group Fitness, as this will be the main way to stay in touch about class changes, group challenges, and also a place to build a community for those who attend.

Sessions will be Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 6:30 AM. We will begin on Tuesday June 2, and will go throughout the summer. Get ready for fun workouts with high energy, utilizing the beautiful outdoor spaces of Franklin Park! There are stairs, there are hills, there is plenty of field space — and we’ll be using all of it.

For more details, please click on the Group Fitness tab above, or click HERE.

To register for June sessions, please click HERE.

Can’t wait to see you there!!

Interested? Have questions? Leave them in the comments below or feel free to send me an email at itrainthereforeieat [at] gmail [dot] com.