Good Reads: Tackling Fitness and Nutrition Myths

My oh my, things have been a bit crazy around here this week! I apologize for not getting any posts up, but I’ll hopefully have some updates for you soon.

Just a reminder for those of you in the Boston area, bootcamp classes will be starting on Tuesday, May 17 (that’s next week!) and I hope to see some of you there!!

Today I’ve brought you some good reads from the past few weeks; things that have caught my eye and that I think everyone should read.


Shut Up About Toxins – From Erika at Hurst Strength. Think you need to go on some sort of crazy juice cleanse to remove the toxins from your body? Nah. Erika reminds us that that’s what our liver is for and breaks it all down in a pretty bad ass, no BS way.

4 Reasons Rest Days are Just as Important as Time in the Gym – From Athena at Achieve With Athena. Athena’s got it right here, rest days are just as important if not MORE important than your days in the gym! Think you’re getting stronger while you’re at the gym? Spoiler alert: Not quite. Read up for some more insight on this from this awesome lady.

5 Myths About Cardio Exercise  – Another from Athena. (She’s crushing it lately). For some people, cardio is the Holy Grail of exercise, and for others it’s the 8th deadly sin. Athena gets into some common myths and gives us the info we really need on this heart healthy form of exercise!

The Real (And Surprising) Reasons Healthy Movement Matters – From Precision Nutrition. If you read one thing on this list, read this. Yes, it’s a bit long. Yes, it’s worth every second of your time. Move well, be well — that’s about it.

Why You Can’t Lose Weight On A Diet – From The NY Times. This one was sent to me by a great friend and it is quite the interesting read! We’ve all seen articles and posts lately about the tactics used on The Biggest Loser and why they aren’t effective — but what if losing weight slowly ends up with the same outcome? Why is it so hard to keep off weight that is lost?

Enjoy these reads everyone–  hopefully you all get some downtime this weekend to sit with a nice warm cup of coffee and peruse all of this good stuff. And maybe, just maybe, if this beautiful spring weather holds up (Bostonians), we could all spend some quality time outside this weekend! Just think, a comfy chair or blanket, the sun shining down, and some good reads at your fingertips. Sounds like a plan!




Good Reads 4.1.2016

Happy April Fools Day!

I’m not sure what’s “happy” about April Fools Day, but we’ll just go with it. Come to think of it, there’s only one prank that stands out in my mind over the years and it was anything but happy. Many many moons ago, when Will and I first started dating, things were going great. Then we got to about 8 months into a real relationship, and he called me one day (we lived about 45 minutes apart at that point), and said we “needed to talk”.

Everyone knows that phrase never means anything good.

He proceded to tell me in very vague terms that things were changing and he just wanted to meet up to… talk.

OBVIOUSLY I thought we were breaking up, and in that moment had no idea of the date. Of course it was April 1. Of course he thought he was being funny.

So just a little PSA for all of you out there… April Fools Pranks must never include even a hint of a break up — it’s never ever as funny as you think it might be. In fact, I’m pretty sure I missed a great chance for a revenge prank on that one, but it’s really just not in my blood.

Anyway, obviously he wasn’t actually breaking up with me because we are happily married today, although for some reason when I bring that up he STILL laughs about it. Such a comedian, that one!

I would hit you guys with a prank today but I’m just about the world’s worst liar and I’d have to come clean in about 3.5 seconds. So instead, I’ll just let you take in these links, all good reads that I’ve found within the past few weeks.

Ranging from body positivity to the convergence of athletic training and personal training, I think we cover a pretty wide spectrum here!

Why I Won’t Apologize For Posting About My Run on Social Media  From Dr. Mom at Sammiches Psych Meds. Do you sometimes get annoyed by people who post every workout on social media? There could actually be some great benefits to it, and it’s not just about bragging rights.

Is Perfectionism Holding Your Training Back?  From the folks over at Breaking Muscle. This goes along with a couple of posts I’ve written lately, speaking to the fact that success doesn’t necessarily equal perfection and striving for that may lead to unrealistic expectations and let downs. Take the set backs in stride and keep moving forward!

What Is An Athletic Trainer and Can They Help The Fitness Industry? From the PTDC. As I’m in a unique position of being both an athletic trainer and a personal trainer, I can understand both professions and how they might benefit each other. But for someone who has never worked with an athletic trainer, that may not be the case. I’m a firm believer that fitness professionals should be open to working with health care professionals when needed — we’re all after the same goals, are we not?

Fat Loss Is Okay.  From Erika over at Hurst Strength.Does body positivity mean that you give up on wanting to improve yourself? Can you be working towards fat loss but still preach about body positivity and training for strength vs. aesthetics? Erika breaks it down here very well, and tells us that YES, you can work on both of these concurrently (and successfully).

Happy Friday everyone.. Have a great weekend!



Good Reads – Physique, Coaching, and Pain

Well hello there and Happy Friday! I apologize for my brief disappearance — Will and I have been on the beach in Mexico for the past week for our (amazingly perfect) honeymoon. I’ll talk more about that next week, but I just wanted to get a post up since it’s been a little while! I actually put this together before we left, and in the last minute scrambling before we left, forgot to post. And once we were in Mexico, this little blog was the last thing on my mind, so here we are a week later! Since this was written over a week ago, some of these are a little older, but if there are things on this list you haven’t read yet, please check them out! I’m off to readjust to the cold and daydream about my toes in the Caribbean– have a wonderful weekend everyone!

The Cost of Getting Lean – From the folks at Precision Nutrition. I love this info graphic so much. If I could, I would print it out into posters and plaster it all over the place! Many people think that if they just work out and tweak their diet, they should become as lean as a fitness model. It doesn’t quite work like that, and getting extremely lean actually takes a TON of work and commitment, and often sacrifice. Is it worth it?

Nobody Wants To Be The Girl On A Diet – NY Mag. My friend Meg shared this on her blog, and I loved it. The title of the piece is absolutely true, and this is a very good representation of the paradox between expectations of female appearances and the actual effort it requires to reach those expectations.

Pain In Runners: Why Do I Hurt? – Derek Griffin. I’ve been extremely interested in pain lately, since in my line of work, I deal with people in pain every day. What blows my mind though, is when someone can have a serious injury and feel no pain, and then months later feel pain with every little movement. Yes, I’ve seen this happen, and it blows my mind every time.

Understanding Pain is the Key To Being Pain Free – Breaking Muscle. Again, the pain thing. It’s a huge point of interest for me right now, if you couldn’t tell by the back to back pain articles! I think what people are starting to realize is that your neurological system plays such a huge part in pain, and that there is still so little we understand about the process.

Cressey Sports Performance Internship Diary Part 3 – Tony Bonvechio. Read parts one and two here. Tony is in the middle (or nearing the end?) of his internship at Cressey Sports Performance here in MA. Tony and I have connected over social media, and finally got to meet at the CSP Fall Seminar back in September. I’ve loved reading about his internship at the facility, and these posts are full of some brilliant insight into the world of coaching and personal training.

Why I’ll Never Be Embarrassed About Being A Woman With Muscles – Jen Sinkler. Normally I wouldn’t post something from Women’s Health Magazine, but this is Jen Sinkler! I was so excited when I found out that she would be writing a regular column for them — women’s magazines need more people like Jen, and less people telling us to eat no more than1200 calories per day.  If you are a woman who is proud of her muscles, or even if you are a woman who is admittedly a little scared of having muscles, read this!

Good Reads and The Giveaway Winner!

On Friday I announced my very first giveaway on the blog; a delicious sample pack of bars from The GoodOnYa Bar. Thanks to everyone who entered! The winner was picked through a random number generator, and that winner is…


*EDIT: I never heard back from the original winner, so the new winner is loriannehutchins! (comment #6 on the Giveaway post)

You have 48 hours to contact me ( with your full name and home address so that I can send you your prize! After 48 hours if I have not heard from you, another winner will be chosen.

And since I haven’t had time to write since Monday, I thought I’d take this opportunity for a “Good Reads” post since I haven’t done one in a while now. Here are just a few awesome things I’ve read lately.

Sharing is caring. 

Monday Motivation: The Power of Measurement from Tony Bonvechio. Tony discusses the merits of measuring not only your lifts and progress, but other parts of your life as well. Great read!

My Rhabdo Experience from Sarah over at Blonde Bostonian. This is a great piece for anyone thinking of trying Cross Fit for the first time, and as a reminder to all of us that our bodies do have limits. Sarah reminds us here that pushing through these limits isn’t always the best idea.

A New And Better Butt? Why Not A Stronger Butt? This was a guest post by Emily Giza over on Tony Gentilcore‘s site. I don’t think this really needs an explanation, because who doesn’t love butts.

Just A Number by Tara over at Sweat Like A Pig. I swear, Tara and I share part of our brain, because I feel like I can relate to almost everything she writes about. Great read for those ladies who need a reminder that the number on the scale is really not that important!

Bang For Your Buck from the ladies at Girls Gone Strong. Stuck in an exercise rut? Looking for some lifts that will get you in and out of the gym quickly but still be effective? Look no further.

And there we have it!

Oh, and this:

Pinned Image

If that didn’t make you giggle, you don’t have a soul.
Happy Wednesday!

Inspiration(?) and Good Reads


Un-in-spired: adjective. not inspired; not creative or spirited; dull or ordinary

While I don’t think anyone that knows me would classify my as dull or ordinary, I am feeling rather uninspired on this beautiful Friday.

No, it’s not Writer’s Block. You should see the amount of drafts I have started and the ideas floating around in my head (actually I’m glad you cant see the ideas floating around in my head). I have plenty of things to write about. Coming up with material is not the problem, it’s finding inspiration to make it readable, to make it worth Your while, to make it good excellent.

For some reason, I’m sitting here with not an ounce of inspiration. So instead of leaving you with some uninspired drivel, I’m giving you a few good reads that I’ve found lately! Posts from folks who have had better luck finding inspiration than myself. Hopefully after this weekend I’ll be back with something that’ll just blow your mind.

That’s right, some of that good shit.

Until then, read these!

4 More Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Do Kettlebells. – A catchy title and even better post about Kettlebells, from Tom Basson.

Is It Ok To Feel Attractive – From the Figure Feminist. A must read for all you ladies out there.

Stop Weighing on the Scale – From Nia Shanks. This one goes handily with the link above, and is another must read for all you ladies… Especially the scale addicts! (Pay special attention to the before and after picture about halfway through the article)

A Tale of 10 Chin Ups – From Kristen over at StrengthSwag. My girl worked her ass off to reach one of her goals…and lived to tell about it!

Can You Be Overweight and Healthy? – Found this one on Spark People, and it has some excellent points. Read it and mull it over because I have a post coming out soon about this very topic!

And now that you’ve read all of these, please go and do this:

Try this once in awhile.

Also don’t forget about this week’s fitness challenge!! Get outside, get creative, and do a playground workout. There’s no better way to creep out some kids and their nannies than doing bulgarian split squats off the end of the slide! 🙂  Make sure to send me pictures/descriptions of the exercises you come up with by Sunday evening so that I can include them in a workout post next week. 

And now, I’m off to the beach! Have a wonderful and healthy weekend everyone! 

An Identity Crisis and Good Reads

Today is my 50th post! Which is exciting, but also makes me stop and think a little bit. When I first started writing this blog in January, I honestly just kind of started it without much planning. I knew I wanted to talk about nutrition, strength training, fitness, and other aspects of healthy living, but I didn’t really have one specific vision.

This is where I’m having trouble now. I feel as though I’m having some sort of Blog Identity Crisis, which I’m sure has happened to other bloggers at some point (hopefully I’m not the only one, anyway). I guess what my main issue is that I’m just trying to figure out exactly where I fit in and who I’m writing to, you know?

Blogger identity confusion is not nearly as adorable as animal identity confusion

There are SO many great bloggers out there, it’s hard to figure out exactly where I stand. Many healthy living bloggers write about their daily lives, giving readers daily updates about food, workouts, and life events. Yet others stick to strictly scientific and educational material, and then there are still others who I kind of think of as the “celebs” of the blogging world (My blogging world anyway), whom can honestly write about anything they want and I’ll read every word of it (Nia, Molly, Jen, Tony, Eric, Adam to name a few).

So what is my style? What am I writing about, and who the heck am I writing it to? Do people want more of my personal life or no? Do people want more educational material, more nutrition, more workouts… ?? This is where I’m stuck. Do I write for me and for my own enjoyment, or do I try to figure out the needs and wants of my readers and write strictly for them (you)?

Anyway, while I ponder my blogophrenia (Yes, I just coined that. Use it), I thought I’d take today to give you all some good reads that I’ve found recently, since I haven’t done that in a while.

After you’re done reading all of these awesome links, feel free to stick around and leave me some comments about what You would like to read more of here. I know you’re out there, and if you don’t comment on what types of things you want to read about, I might just end up writing stories about puppies and unicorns… Consider yourself warned 🙂

Anyway, on to the links!

11 Day Diet – From Commercial Gym Conundrum – Still afraid of fat and unsure of how important it is? Read this awesome recollection of a diet devoid of fat, and just how miserable it made him after just 11 days. Boom.

Stop The Female Body Hate – From Tara at Sweat Like A Pig – An incredible post from Tara about a lot of the negative comments that muscular women get and why. Awesome read!

Minimum Training for Maximum Results – From Nia Shanks – Think you need to spend hours in the gym to get fit and get results? Read this post and think again.

All About The TRX – From One Fit Foodie – Have a question about TRX training? It’s probably answered here, with some helpful videos thrown in there too!

Never Grow Old – A guest post from Lou Schuler on Adam Bornstein’s blog. Some excellent, to the point, no bull-shitting fitness advice.