News, Updates, and New Services

Wow… what do we have here? News? Updates?

AND new services? Things are just getting wild.

Seriously though, I have a lot to tell you guys and I figured the best way would be to get everything out there in one post! So here we go. There are lots of things going on around here, such as…

Group Fitness.

The Group Fitness Page has been updated, and on it you’ll see that we are starting up with bootcamp in just a couple of weeks! The week of May 15th will be our starting date, which means that Tuesday May 17 will be our first class. If you’re new around here, I run group fitness classes here in the Jamaica Plain/Roslindale area of Boston on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 6:30 -7:30 am. Check out the group fitness page for more details, and come check us out! We have a great time, and I always love seeing new faces.

My main philosophy for these group fitness sessions is that it should be a positive experience for everyone. I will not get in your face and scream, nor will I run you into the ground just to say that I could. I will provide well thought out, challenging, but fun workouts for participants, and my only request is that you give everything your best shot. Can’t do a full push up (yet)? That’s okay! Everything we do can be modified to any level and is done so without judgement. 

group fitness 1

This year, classes will be moved to Fallon Field in Roslindale. It’s a great park with plenty of parking surrounding it, a couple of killer hills, some stairs to work that booty with, and a playground to get a little bit creative with our workouts. We’ll bring the same quality content that we had last year, in a new, improved (in my opinion) location. Anyone and everyone is welcome — women, men, bring a friend! Can’t wait to see some of you there!

group fitness 2

We will also be starting a new Facebook Group this year for group fitness, as a place where we can build a little bit of community for those who join class. Support, pictures, announcements — it will all be there. Don’t miss out!


New Services Coming (Very) Soon:

Starting on June 1, the following will be available here at I Train Therefore I Eat:

1. Online Custom Fitness Programs.

Accepting a certain number of clients per month, I’ll be offering fully customized 12 week workout programs here on the website. It will start with a questionnaire all about you and your activity level/lifestyle/goals, and then I’ll develop a plan that is specific to you. There will be a few different options for this that will include more/less features, so stay tuned for a new page that will break all of these down for you individually! These will include feedback about workouts/form, Skype sessions, email access for questions, and much more. Get the personalized touch without having to shell out hundreds per session at your local gym.

2. 8 Week Fitness Programs For All.

In addition to custom workout programs, I will also be offering a couple of different 8 week workout programs that you can purchase here with just one click! I understand that some people just can’t afford a custom plan or personal training, but still would appreciate a little bit of structure in their workouts. There will be a few different “tracks” to follow, depending on where you work out — in the gym or at home. These will not be customized person to person, but will be offered at a fraction of the price.

3. In Home Personal Training (local to Boston).

On a limited schedule, I will be offering in-home personal training to those local to the Boston area. Have a home gym but you’re not sure what to do with it? Don’t have a home gym but also don’t have time to leave due to having kids at home, working from home, etc? I’m your girl.

4. Outdoor Personal Training (local to Boston).

Again, for those who are looking for some personalized training outside of their normal gym or outside of the home, along with bootcamp sessions I will be available on a limited basis to train locally outdoors. There’s almost nothing better than a great workout outside on a beautiful day, and the possibilities are endless. Let’s get moving!

New Services Also Coming Soon:

Later on this summer, the following services will also be offered here at I Train Therefore I Eat:

1. Personal Health Coaching.

I will be completing my health coach certification early this summer, and soon after that will start accepting new clients who are looking to make improvements to their quality of life. From fitness to nutrition, to making decisions that impact your life in a positive way, this will be a great service for anyone who feels “stuck in a rut”, but can’t seem to figure out how to make those changes. This will be offered both locally and with distance coaching (online), and I couldn’t be more excited to begin to offer this to all of you.

2. “Healthy At Home” web/in person services.

There will also be some additional services offered with health coaching, such as “pantry clean outs”, grocery shopping 101 trips, webinars, etc. Webinars will be available to all near and far, and the others will be offered on a local case by case basis. These will be part of health coaching programs, and will serve to offer you the very best in healthy living.

So that’s it! Big news, more services, and I couldn’t be more excited for this summer to hit. I hope you all will join me in some of these endeavors, and also that you will spread the word to friends who you think may be interested. I couldn’t offer any of this without my faithful readers, so hopefully you’re as excited about this journey as I am!



Life Lately: Food and Fitness

It’s been a while since I’ve given you all a life lately post I think, so today it’s time for a little updating.

Since the New Year, I’ve found that the days are just kind of flying by, so I feel like I need to take a few minutes to stop and reflect, or everything is just going to turn into a blur. There’s been lots of good food lately, lots of fun with friends, and a bit of fitness thrown in there for good measure. 🙂

Food Lately:

I was lucky enough to be invited to joint a wonderful group of ladies for a spectacular dinner recently at The Social Restaurant and Bar, near by in Newton. The event was put together by my girl Monique, and I’m so happy she was able to get this off the ground! Several local bloggers met up for some cocktails, apps, and then a delicious sit down meal — all while enjoying some awesome conversation with lots of laughs. It was a great evening, not only because of the food but because I really don’t get to see these girls enough. I was happy to see some of my favorite blog friends and meet some new faces; I really do feel lucky to be a part of such great and vibrant blogging community here in Boston.

The chef at The Social hooked us up with some delicious appetizers — spicy chicken tacos and chicken drumsticks. After mingling over food and cocktails for a while, we sat down to quite the spread for dinner! We started off with a fall kale salad as well as a beet salad, both of which were delicious. I would definitely have a hard time choosing between the two when I go back.

Social appetizers

Following the salads, we then had a “hot rocks” dish, in which we were able to cook our own thinly sliced beef at the table– drizzled with white truffle oil, this was not only tasty but a unique appetizer!

Social Apps 2

We then had seared Yellowfin Tuna which was out of this world; unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of the whole dish but trust me on this one — if you like sushi/seared tuna, you must order this!

Our main dish was a whole roasted rosemary chicken served with butternut squash maple farro. We finished up the night with a couple of decadent desserts; nutella bread pudding and chocolate lava cake. I’m always a sucker for lava cake so that was my favorite out of the two.

Social Main.jpg

This farro was out of this world, and I’d absolutely go back just for that! 

All in all, it was a wonderful night with some amazing women, and I hope we can do it again soon! I will also add that it’s pretty funny to get a group of bloggers together for dinner– the food photo taking gets a little out of control! Thanks so much to Social for having us, it really was a treat.

group blogger pic

Around the table from L to R: Lauren, Monique, Becky, Cara, Jenna, Caroline, myself, and Athena. What a great group of women!

Training Lately: 

With the craziness of the holidays behind us, my training schedule has been able to go back to normal lately, and I’m so happy to be back in the weight room! I’ve been splitting up my training weeks with usually one run day, one spin day, and 3 lifting days. This has been working well for me lately, helping me to feel strong and see progress, but also helping me from feeling too burnt out. For whatever reason, running one day per week has been great and has allowed me to keep up a strong 4-5 mile base, which will be very helpful if I decide to train for a race this summer or fall!

Other than that,no huge updates on this front. I have been working a lot on my turkish get ups, and try to get some reps in with these at least 2 days per week. Hopefully I’ll have a post up on these soon, as they really are a lift that can benefit just about anyone.

Life In General Lately: 

Things are pretty status quo right now, but thats not a bad thing! I’ve been enjoying some downtime after the craziness of the holidays, and I’m pretty sure my bank account has also been enjoying the break. Things are about to get crazy at work for the next couple of months, so I’m trying to take advantage of the quieter season while I can. One big thing thats going to be coming right up is a trip to Florida in March with my women’s lacrosse team! Not that this winter has been horrible by any means, but it will sure be nice to trade the cold and snow for some vitamin D for a week.

I can tell you one thing that’s severely missing from my life right now: any type of guilt over holiday eating, drinking, etc. I really don’t like to think of the new year as a time to beat yourself up over the past couple of months; I didn’t even set any resolutions this year! And rest assured, I definitely ate way more than my fair share of chocolate and cookies at Christmas, and I certainly indulged in plenty of bubbly on New Years (champagne hangover, hello!), but it hasn’t changed my overall nutrition or training plan whatsoever. I’m a “treat yo-self” kind of girl, and I don’t see any use in getting upset over that sort of thing. I just like to move on, continue my mostly healthy lifestyle, and know that things will balance out.

Readers: What have you been up to lately? How does your training plan change during the winter months? Anyone have any fun winter getaways coming up? Do you do any major nutrition/fitness overhauls in the New Year? 

Fitness Lately: New Balance NBGNO and Turnstyle Rave The Roof

It is August? Whaaaaaaaaaat? I know I sound like a broken record every year, but the summer seems go by quicker and quicker with each year that passes.

I think this year it had something to do with the unexpected move that took over a good portion of June and July, but oh well. Here we are!

There is so much going on in the fitness world right now, and it’s pretty awesome. There are group workouts popping up all over the place, pop-up studios, and some of my favorite studios opening new locations. It really is impossible to stay on top of it all, but the good news is that it gives people so many options, so many opportunities to find the right fitness fit for them!

Gone are the days when all we had to choose from were Planet Fitness and Gold’s Gym, now you can probably find anything you want that relates to fitness.

And along these lines, recently, I’ve been to some amazing workouts that I just have to tell you guys about. A couple of weeks ago, I went to yet another New Balance Girls Night Out (NBGNO) event. They are simply the best, and this was no exception — in fact, this was one of my favorites that I’ve been to!


With a couple of my favorite blog ladies, Athena and Sherri

This event was all about trying new things, and boy did that end up being true. Each NBGNO event has a 3.6 mile fun run around the city, as well as an alternate workout that changes each month. This month, the alternate workout was a Surfset workout with Stefanie Lograsso, and boy was it tough! Tougher than I expected, that’s for sure.


If you haven’t heard of it (I hadn’t), Surfset is a workout you do on actual surfboards that are basically attached to something like Bosu Balls, meaning that you are wobbling and stabilizing the entire time you are on that board. With all of the lunges, planks, push ups, and even jumps (!) that Stefanie had us doing, I was a sweaty mess by the end, but I had a blast.


The rest of that evening was just as fun as always, catching up with some real life friends, and some of my favorite Boston Blogger ladies. I love spending time with so many inspirational women at these events, as each one of them motivates me to work even harder in my own life and fitness endeavors.


The host of this particular NBGNO was Sherri from Fun Fit Flavor, who is always charming, funny, and down to earth. She did a wonderful job hosting and I can’t wait to see her at the next event! As the host, Sherri gave a brief talk to the crowd about what trying new things has meant to her. Her story was awesome, detailing a pretty bad injury that lead her to trying things other than running, and now because of that “set back”, she’s doing more fitness wise than ever before. Pretty inspiring, I’d say!


Sherri doing her hosting gig… I was OBSESSED with her outfit. How cute is this NB combo?? 

These events are always a blast, so I highly recommending trying one out if you haven’t in the past, or coming back if you’ve been away from the NBGNO scene for a while. I hope to see you at the next one!

Rave The Roof 

The other amazing workout that I attended, actually the night after NBGNO, was put on by my very favorite indoor cycling studio, although a spin bike was nowhere to be found! This was Rave The Roof, an outdoor, roof top bootcamp put on by the team at Turnstyle Cycle.

(I have to apologize for my lack of quality photos for this event… it just didn’t happen!)

Turnstyle just happens to have two of my very favorite instructors in Boston, Laura and Caroline. They are both incredibly energetic, strong, powerful women, and they know how to kick your booty in a workout while making you feel empowered at the same time! I honestly feel lucky to know them and to be able to train with them from time to time — they are both just amazing.


Caroline showing us some upcoming tricep work! 


Laura demonstrating at the legs station.

The workout was the kickoff to Turnstyle’s new studio at Ink Block, a trendy new area of the South End here in Boston. Lucky for me, this is much closer to work than their studio in Kendall Sq, so I’ll be able to hit up Laura’s and Caroline’s classes more often now! (#winning).

The theme for this bootcamp was neon, so the outfits were outrageous, and there were many tubes of neon body/face paint floating around the place.

The workout was a station-style bootcamp on the roof deck/pool deck, and I must say, the view was awesome as the sun set, it was so nice to be gazing at the pink clouds in between sets rather than a gym ceiling! The workout was high energy, and each of the Turnstyle instructors that were there put us through some grueling stations. I had so much fun, and as I said am SO excited for Turnstyle to open up the new indoor cycling in this location!


Check out this view for the workout.. can’t beat it! And that up there is a pool deck… yep, it’s a roof deck AND a pool deck workout. BOOM. 

For now, definitely check out their schedule to get your booty to one of these amazing roof deck bootcamp sessions — you won’t be disappointed, trust me.

Readers: What awesome workouts have you done lately? Have you noticed the insane amount of groups/studios that are opening up in the Boston area? Were you at either of these events with me?

**All NB pics in this post are courtesy of New Balance. <<< Click on the link to see the rest of the photos from the event!

Never Stop Learning

As I’m still working on the second part of the recap of our west coast trip, today’s post will be quick. I just want to share a few thoughts I’ve had lately on continuing to improve your craft.

Whatever it is you do, whether you are a fitness professional, an educator, a medical professional, or anything else in the world, there are always new things to learn about your specific field. Yes, some fields change more rapidly than others, and some of us need to stay on top of continuing education for our professional licensure, etc. but beyond that, there is so much value in continuing to improve whatever it is that you do.

I don’t want to hire a plumber who hasn’t done anything to change or improve his trade in 30 years, so why would I want to hire a trainer who hasn’t done anything to change or improve theirs? I know of fitness professionals who meet their continuing education requirements who don’t necessarily put a lot of emphasis on the “education” portion of that, completing only easy online continuing ed “courses” to meet the criteria. But if all they’re doing is meeting the criteria, and not really trying to find things that will help to make them a better, more educated, more equipped professional, are they really doing any good?

There’s a huge difference between doing enough to get by, and doing enough to get better. 

Yes, as an athletic trainer and CSCS, I have to do continuing education to maintain my license and certifications. But I try my hardest to take advantage of CE opportunities that will not only keep me legally practicing, but that will directly help my patients and my clients.

Last weekend, I went to a really great workshop at a local studio, Iron Body Studios. This studio is owned and operated by the dynamic duo, Eric Gahan and Artemis Scantalides They have built this studio from the ground up, and their passion and expertise are apparent as soon as you start a session with them. This particular workshop was called Kettlebell Fundamentals (I’ll probably be doing a separate post to talk about some of the great things that I took away from the workshop). We went over the fundamental KB movements (deadlift, goblet squat, swing, and turkish get-up), specifically how to do them properly, as well as how to coach them. As soon as I heard about the workshop through Eric’s Facebook page, I knew I had to be there. The two of them are pretty much KB masters, and with my love of KB training, I knew that some specific instruction from Eric could help me to not only better utilize them myself, but to also better utilize them with clients and with patients in rehab.


[Source ]

The group at the workshop was mainly athletic trainers, personal trainers, and strength coaches. However, there was one stand-out participant, and he is the main reason why I’m writing this post today. There was an older gentleman who turned out to be a local policeman. When asked what his goal was for attending the workshop, he answered that he just “wanted more knowledge”.

It turned out that he runs a bootcamp for his fellow policemen, and wanted a little bit more knowledge to bring back to them. Now, maybe I’m wrong, but he probably doesn’t need fitness continuing education. He probably didn’t need to be at that workshop, but he was. He was there because he wanted to be better, in order to help his colleagues to be better. How’s that for motivation?

Not only was he there to learn, but he was on the floor with the rest of us, going through the motions of KB swings and turkish get-ups, and he was doing them extremely well. I can only hope then when I’m in my 60s, (I’m just assuming he was in his 60s here), I can move half that well. Heck, I hope that when I’m at that point, I’m still motivated enough to want to keep learning about all this stuff.

The workshop was wonderful, and I came away with a lot of great information and new ideas to use with my patients and clients. But more importantly, I came away with a view of someone who takes the “never stop learning” mantra very seriously. There are plenty of trainers out there who have been training clients for a while, who may think that they know everything. In my opinion, those are the most dangerous ones.  This guy, although not your typical personal trainer, is actively going out of his way to learn more information that will help his “clients” (his colleagues). That is exactly the type of person that I want teaching a bootcamp that I’m taking — someone who realizes that there is always more to learn, no matter how long you’ve been doing what you’re doing.

So the take away today is if you’re a trainer or strength coach, what are you doing to better yourself on a regular basis? And if you’re in the process of looking for a trainer or are one yourself, a little humility goes a long way; someone who knows that there is always more to learn is almost always the smartest one in the group.

The Stress Chronicles

My oh my. Life is funny sometimes, huh?

I fully intend on putting up some recaps from our west coast trip because we ate some RIDICULOUSLY good food out there,  but things have gone a bit haywire around here. Those might have to wait until next week.

We arrived home from vacation last week to find our letter from our landlord saying that we have 60 days to vacate the apartment.

I’m sorry, WHAT?

We love our apartment. It’s not just some crappy place we found and pay rent for, it’s home. We’ve settled in, and we really thought we would stay there until we bought something. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Our landlord has decided to renovate the entire place (it’s an older house, but it’s charming and lovely!), in order to be able to charge higher rent. I get it, he needs to make money, but that doesn’t make it any less frustrating for us!

So since Sunday, I’ve emailed about 9.2 million places, and have seen 7 condos, 11 apartments and counting. Some have been great, some have been horrible, and will someone explain WHY it is so difficult to find a place that has laundry in the building?!? I’m going out of my mind, as you can probably tell. As of now, we have a few leads, but nothing concrete, which means that I’ve been in 100% stress mode since the weekend. My stomach has been in knots, I’ve cried several times, and I’ve started to feel a rage instead of hope whenever I find a new apartment to email about.

I know, I know. First world problems, right? We have a roof over our heads, and when it comes down to it, we will have another roof over our heads one way or another. It may not be perfect, but it’ll work out eventually. I just need to figure out a way to control this stress in the meantime, because I’m pretty sure it’s killing me.

I’ve been seriously fatigued, irritable, sensitive, and not sleeping. Stress is like a vicious cycle that wreaks havoc on your body, and it’s like a horrible Catch 22: Stress is keeping me from sleeping, and the lack of sleep is causing my body a whole lot more stress.

I’ve been trying to stay sane through workouts, and the launch of my new Group Fitness program, Rondeau Group Fitness, and these things are helping! For an hour on Tuesday and Thursday morning, I was able to escape from my buzzing mind and just focus on running the class, which was a total blast. Yesterday I even took a little bit of time right after bootcamp to head out and run some stairs on my own. It was just a little 30 minute piece of time for me, but it was time when I wasn’t thinking about anything but my breathing and the rhythm of my steps. I wasn’t hunched in front of a computer screen, reading apartment listing after apartment listing, feeling the bile rise in my throat as it seems like less and less places are available each day.

Things I need to do include meditating and focusing on positive energy, this I know. Focusing on the positive will help to bring a positive outcome, right? That’s what they say anyway. Keeping my fingers crossed that we find something soon, because as of right now not only do we not know where we’re moving, but we don’t know WHEN we’re moving. Some are available right now, some July 1, some August 1. It really is just a giant cluster.

I just need to remind myself to keep breathing, stay calm, and know that it will work out because it has to. Working out helps to some extent, but I also don’t want to push too much right now because exercise is another form of stress on your body — usually a good stress, but there is a fine line when you’re also going through other stressful life events. Keeping my workouts light and about my sanity is the game plan right now — yoga, easy runs, even just some walking might ease my mind a little bit.

Readers, do you use workouts to deal with stress or do you sometimes feel that it’s too much on top of whatever’s going on? Do you have a “de-stress” routine for these times?

Life Lately: Fitness, Food, and Fun

Hi all! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Mine was so relaxing and reminded me why I someday might want a job where I don’t work every single weekend. Throughout the school year I work almost every Saturday and sometimes Sunday, so for the last couple of weeks go have the entire weekends off I feel like a new human!

With Will and I both off, we were able to spend the entire weekend just doing whatever we wanted (which never happens). We went to the extremely interesting Brimfield Antique Fair with a good friend — we’ve been antiquing lately looking for some unique decor for our new porch, and we had some great finds this weekend! I was also able to go see Pitch Perfect 2 (Loved it — Fat Amy is hilarious as always!) and spent yesterday afternoon lounging with some great friends and their most beautiful baby boy. We spent the afternoon just lounging around on Castle Island, a little beachy oasis right here in Boston, and it was just such a perfect afternoon — I wish we could do that all the time!

Don’t you love it when a weekend is so relaxing it feels like a mini vacation? And now, on to the usual Life Lately topics:

Workouts Lately

My workouts lately have been fabulous, I’m not going to lie. I’ve got myself in a pretty good routine of spin 1-2 times per week (once at Turnstyle cycle and once on my own at the gym), lifting 2-3/week, and running 1-2x/week. My typical week lately has looked something like this:

Sunday: Run, 4-5 miles

Monday: Spin @ Turnstyle Cycle

Tuesday: Light run and full body lift

Wednesday: Stadiums

Thursday: Off

Friday: Full body lift

Saturday Off

It’s kind of a lot of cardio for me, but I’m really loving Spin lately, and I always find myself doing more cardio in the summer anyway — better weather means I just want to be outside as much as possible! There are certainly variations, and some weeks I lift more than others, but as I mentioned recently, I’ve really kind of found peace with not lifting all the time.

I’ve finally come to the realization that fitness is not all-or-nothing in one category, that it’s ok (and fun!) to incorporate different forms of fitness into your routine. I’m not a running fanatic, but I do enjoy it a couple of times per week, so hey! I’ll keep it up until I no longer enjoy it. Life is too short to just do what you think you’re “supposed to” do. You’ve gotta do what makes you happy and what makes you feel good (while still being a responsible adult, eh?)

Food Lately:

For some reason recently I’ve been obsessed with falafel and hummus. Put the word “mediterranean” in front of anything on a menu and I’ll likely order it! I’ve been making a lot of mediterranean salads at home with spinach, bell peppers, feta, hummus, and falafel (pre-made from Whole Foods), and that has been my go-to lunch lately.

Is it any surprise that I’ve also been craving ice cream like nobody’s business? I guess that just comes with the changing of the seasons, but self control is in full effect these days! If I had ice cream every time I wanted it, things wouldn’t be too pretty right about now. 🙂

Snacks that I’ve been loving lately are Picky Bars. I found these through a friend on Instagram and decided to give it a go. I really love most of the flavors I’ve tried — my favorites by far are the “Cookie Doughpness” and “All In Almonds”. They are a date base but still have a little bit of sweetener added, and that I don’t love, but all in all they’re a great on-the-go snack and perfect for my more active days. Add in the fact that they get delivered to my doorstep once a month, and I’m sold!


Life In General Lately:

All in all, life has been pretty darn great lately. My busy time at work has completely come to a halt, giving me more time to focus on just enjoying life for a little while. We’ve been to a couple of really amazing weddings lately for some wonderful friends of ours, and I  recently hosted the super fun NBGNO event here in Boston.

And now, something I’ve been excited about for months is finally here — our trip to the West Coast! We’re leaving tomorrow for Portland, OR and San Francisco, and I can not wait. I’ve wanted to go to both of these cities forever, it’s going to be a great trip. If you’re from either of those areas, please let me know some killer food suggestions! I’m sure we’ll be spending the good majority of our trip eating, per usual, so we’re open to lots of good suggestions. Follow me on Instagram (stephdrondeau) for the good eats and awesome sights of the trip.

And don’t forget to check out the Group Fitness tab above. If you’re in the area, I’d love to have you join me for a Rondeau Group Fitness workout (or two, or all summer long!).

Alrighty kids, what’s going on in your life right now? Any good suggestions for Portland or San Francisco?

Exciting Announcement: Summer Bootcamp Series

I have some super exciting news for you all!

This is something that I’ve been thinking about for the past couple of years… and thinking… and thinking…

Finally I decided that it was time to stop thinking and time to start DOING!


So this summer, I will begin a series of small-group bootcamp style training sessions here in Jamaica Plain. Boston residents, and JP in particular, this is for YOU. The health and fitness community in JP is thriving — every nice day there are throngs of people out walking and jogging on the trails around Franklin Park and Jamaica Pond. But beyond that, there isn’t a ton here in JP in terms of fitness studios or classes.

RGF classes will take place in Franklin Park, but we may venture to other areas of JP from time to time as well. Stay tuned for a Facebook Page for Rondeau Group Fitness, as this will be the main way to stay in touch about class changes, group challenges, and also a place to build a community for those who attend.

Sessions will be Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 6:30 AM. We will begin on Tuesday June 2, and will go throughout the summer. Get ready for fun workouts with high energy, utilizing the beautiful outdoor spaces of Franklin Park! There are stairs, there are hills, there is plenty of field space — and we’ll be using all of it.

For more details, please click on the Group Fitness tab above, or click HERE.

To register for June sessions, please click HERE.

Can’t wait to see you there!!

Interested? Have questions? Leave them in the comments below or feel free to send me an email at itrainthereforeieat [at] gmail [dot] com.