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RGF 2017 Session will be starting on Tuesday, 6/6. See you then!

NOW OFFERING: Strong Mamas Stroller Bootcamp! Details below.

** Attention: There will be NO CLASS on June 27, 29, 30 or July 4. Sign up for the RGF Newsletter above to receive free at home workouts to do on those days!**


Try your first class FREE with no commitment!

Now for the W’s and the H (What, Where, When, and How Much?)


Rondeau Group Fitness offers high quality, small-group outdoor training to the Boston community at an affordable price. Our lead instructor, Stephanie Rondeau MS,ATC, CSCS is not only a local health and fitness blogger, but also a certified strength and conditioning specialist. As an athletic trainer, she has worked with athletes for the past 10 years, providing sports medicine care and rehabilitation, as well as personal training during the off season. As a rehab specialist, Stephanie is able to coach you on proper form in order to avoid injury, as well as to help you modify exercises to better fit your fitness level and abilities.

RGF classes are small-group style training, including cardio and strength work. Stephanie places a high emphasis on strength, and wants to help you find your inner athlete while becoming a healthier, happier version of you. She will not run you into the ground, but she will not go “easy” on you either — Stephanie’s philosophy about training is about efficiency and quality work, not shear quantity.

At RGF classes, you will train like an athlete — we all have one inside of us whether we play (or played) sports or not. Train like an athlete, and you’ll be amazed at what your body can do!


Sessions are at the Fallon Field in Roslindale. There is plenty of free street parking surrounding the park. We will meet behind home plate at the baseball diamond, and we will start warming up right at 6:30.

Strong Mamas sessions will meet at the gate on the South Fairview street side of the park.


General sessions are Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 6:30 am, from June through September. This year (2017), we will start on Tuesday 6/6. Please arrive by 6:25 so that we can get started promptly and end on time, allowing everyone to get their full workout in before the rest of the day starts!

Strong Mamas stroller bootcamp classes are on Tuesday and Friday mornings at 11 am.

**There will be NO CLASS on 6/27, 6/29, 6/30 or 7/4. Sorry for any inconvenience!**

How Much?

 Drop in rate or single classes are $12/class. You may also buy a bundle of 8 classes for $80. At this time, we accept cash and check. Square Cash (iPhone app) is acceptable as well. Bundled classes must be used within 8 weeks.

You may pay with cash/check onsite for drop in or 8-week Class Passes, or purchase your Class Pass HERE for just $80 (That’s just $10/class!!)

Can I Sign Up Ahead of Time?

You may just drop in, but emailing ahead of time is appreciated. See my email address below, and just shoot me a quick email before your first class so that I know to expect you!

What do I need to bring?

Just you, some sneakers, and a positive attitude! If you have your own yoga mat, this is optional. Sometimes we will be doing ground work in the grass, and some of you may wish to bring a mat for these exercises. A few mats will be available to borrow at no charge.

For Strong Mamas, you will just need a stroller (jogging stroller if possible but this is not necessary), a yoga mat, water, and anything you might need for your baby or toddler. Especially on hot days, please consider bringing ice towels or something else to keep the kiddos cool!


Please download your informed consent form HERE. Please bring your signed copy to your first workout with RGF. 

Interested? Questions? Please feel free to leave them in the comments below or email me at itrainthereforeieat [at] gmail [dot] com.



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