Putting Lifting on Hold

My title is kind of punny, although I didn’t intend it to be. You’ll find out why as you keep reading…

You see, on Sunday night, I was doing a test run of these mini pecan pies, to test them out for a dinner I’m going to in a couple weeks. As I was blending up the dates with my immersion blender, a horrible, horrible thing happened.

Some of you know where this is going. And don’t worry, there are no gross pictures attached to this post. I’m not that cruel.

Stupidly, without even thinking, I reached into the blade area with my index finger to remove some of the built up date “gunk”… but forgot to unplug it first… and must have pushed the button by accident. Well, you can imagine what may have happened next, and I’ll spare you the gory details. (Side note: I know what ALL of you are thinking — “Why the hell would she stick her finger in near the blade without unplugging it” And believe me I’m asking the same question. I know it was stupid, and I’ve NEVER done that before. I know better. And I most definitely wont be doing it again!)

immersion blender

Luckily, Will was here to act quickly and take good care of me! Needless to say, we spent a few hours that evening in the ER, which was an experience in itself. When all was said and done, I still have my finger, but it’s all stitched up and the entire nail/nail bed had to be removed. I’m now left with a painful open wound, and a big, bulky dressing and splint on my finger for at least 2 weeks.

 (Get the pun in the title now? On hold? heh heh)

And I’ve been instructed by the hand specialist to not sweat for at least the next two weeks. 

I’m a sweater. I sweat a lot. I’m not one of those girls who can go to the gym with my hair down, full make up, and look like a princess after they’re done. (Who are those girls anyway?) It’s hard for me to do ANY type of workout without sweating, so I’m kind of in a bind here. Hell, it’s hard for me to get through a work day without sweating if we’re being totally honest.

(I also just want to add that I know it could be way worse. It’s just a finger, and it’s mostly intact so that’s lovely. It’s more of a pain in the arse at this point)

I’m going to keep this short because typing is a bitch right now.

Here’s the plan: I’m taking this week totally off from the gym…an unplanned deload week I guess. Seeing as just walking around raises my blood pressure enough to make the wound throb and weep (sorry I know thats gross), that will be the extent of my exercise this week. Next week I’ll try to add in some light, non-sweaty, probably bodyweight exercises and see how that goes.

Here’s where YOU all come in! I want you to leave ideas for me in the comments, because theres only so many air squats and light weighted lunges a girl like me can do. Also, I’ll be traveling for work next week (in South Carolina) so theres that.  Give me some creative things to do until I can get back in the weight room, or at least out at the stadium.  Nothing where I have to grip with both hands, and remember — No Sweat!!  We don’t want this finger to be stumpy forever, do we?

Ready Go!

Please share some injury stories of your own — especially those that involve kitchen appliances and/or other household items 🙂 


33 thoughts on “Putting Lifting on Hold

  1. Oh no!!!! Steph, that’s horrible! I can totally feel your pain! I had a run-in with a mandolin slicer over the summer..yes, there is a safety thing that you are supposed to use when using the slicer, but I wanted to be all rebellious and just hold onto the cucumber as a slid it back and forth on the slicer. AHHHHHHH.

    Sending tons of positive thoughts your way!! I hurt my back this past week and it put my workouts on hold and I was going nuts!! SO hopefully you can tackle the emotional part of not lifting a bit better than me!

    • Thank you!! And I’ve heard mandolins are famous for that — I don’t trust myself to use one (obviously) 🙂 Not working out has been TOUGH. I am going a little stir crazy, and I feel like I can feel all my progress just melting away. Boooo.

    • So painful! Luckily at this point, there is not a lot of pain unless I’m using my hand a lot or it gets really cold. Stitches are hopefully coming out today! I am finally able to do planks again, too, so maybe I’ll be a planking queen by the end of this week 🙂

  2. OMG I cannot even fathom. DAMN. You have had one hell of a time these last few months. I don’t know if you drink or not, but if you do, I am going to find you when I go up to Boston for EB and I will buy you a stiff drink. (Your wounds better be healed by then because alcohol makes you bleed more. -_-;;;;)

    • Seriously, right? Everyone at work was like WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? I am one of those people who never gets seriously injured either, so I don’t know what’s been going on the past few months. And YES please about the stiff drink! I’m gonna hold you to that… Unless I lose a limb in a horrible chainsaw accident or something 😉

  3. Oh my god!! I saw the photo of you in the ER on Twitter! Talk about crappy luck! So happy that you were able to get it all fixed up. Who needs a fingernail anyway, right?! One less you have to paint when you do your nails. I’m the same way – I sweat thinking about exercise haha. Can you do anything with resistance bands? They don’t put that much pressure on your hands but give you a little more resistance to make the squats, etc. a little more difficult.

  4. So sorry to hear about the finger! Lesson learned the hard way, I guess 😦 Where in South Carolina will you be? If it’s anywhere close to Columbia by chance, I’d love to meet up!

  5. Ouch! I’ve had my fair share of being in hospital over the past few weeks! I hope you’re not in too much pain. I know how much not being able to lift SUCKS so if you ever want to vent email me! I’m not even allowed to do bodyweight squats so things could be worse 😉

  6. Oh my gosh that sounds painful! I think I would have fainted! I hope it heals up quickly.

    My biggest, scariest and funniest (in hindsight) is when a tree fell on my head in a thunderstorm. Thankfully it wasn’t as bad as it could have been – I just have a scar under my hair that luckily is easily covered!

  7. Yikes! More importantly, did you finish the Pecan tarts? Because I bet one of those would make you feel better. Unless of course, pecan tarts just give you traumatizing flashbacks, in which case stay away!

  8. Once, whilst on skype with my ex, I was making pancakes. I got out my hand mixer, plugged it in then popped the attachments in and then for some reason turned it on. I whisked my hand/arm and looked like I had self harmed! What a dork!

  9. UGHH!!! How horrid!!

    How ’bout some side plank with a knee tuck? Single leg hamstring curls on the big ball? Maybe it’s a good time to work on balance/mobility & foam roll like it’s your job. Also, I find side plank with bent elbow, arm on a foam roller to be rather challenging. Good luck with your recovery, and I hope you find some fun exercises to do in the meantime.

  10. Ohhh I knew where this was going and I was in fear that it would be something I would do – and it is – and now I will never ever ever use a blender again because I have stuck my hand inside without unplugging it MULTIPLE times. (Also, I electrocuted myself once using a BLOW DRYER so I just shouldn’t use electronics period.) I am echoing Marie – mobility and balance work allllll the way!!

    I owe you an email!!!! ❤ It's coming, I swear!

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