Motivation Monday and The Marathon


The Boston Marathon. The world’s oldest, most awesome* annual marathon. 

*Ok, I may have added that part in myself.

But The BAA Boston Marathon is amazing.  A race that many runners strive for their whole lives; Boston is a benchmark for success. A true piece of American History. And it just so happens that it falls on Patriot’s day (which I’m convinced is actually just a made up holiday so that Boston can actually celebrate Marathon Monday under the guise of another holiday).

Marathon weekend in Boston is one of the best times of year here; it’s electrifying. The energy around the city is palpable, even if you’re not a runner. Knowing that the best of the best of the world’s runners will be completing this course on Monday is exciting and inspirational in itself. Standing down at the finish line while thousands of runners push themselves to the extreme just to complete the race is an experience every Bostonian should have.

Watching the marathon, you will see every kind of motivation you could ever wish for:

  • The Elites: Let’s be real here. They run a marathon at a faster pace than I can sprint!!
Ryan Hall, Just before the Finish Line, 2010 Boston Marathon 
Another marathon icon, Meb Keflezighi, Boston 2010

  I’m not kidding.

  • The wheelchair racers: if this doesn’t inspire you, you probably don’t have a soul. 
Boston 2010
Yep, I had a good spot that year
  • The military men and women who run in full gear, including fatigues and combat boots. For 26. 2 miles. IT’S CRAZY AND AMAZING all at the same time! 
  • The Average Joe’s who push themselves so damn hard to finish this one race; to make it past Heartbreak Hill in one piece; to just get to that finish line on Boylston and maybe even hit a PR. 
My friend Corey, pictured here, kicked total ass in 2010 
And, to make it even more ridiculous, Boston is slated to hit the Mid 80’s today by mid-day. Talk about making one of the toughest races even tougher.
So, with this quickie post, just stop and think about the thousands that are going to be sweating their way down Comm Ave today, and know that if they can run 26.2 miles in 85 degree heat, you sure as hell can get your workout in today.  Use their determination as your own inspiration, and get after it in your own workouts this week!
Have any of you ever watched the Boston Marathon? Have you ever run a marathon yourself?

105 thoughts on “Motivation Monday and The Marathon

  1. I’ve only ever done one race – it was 15k, so nothing like a full marathon. BUT it was 113 degrees, and the race started at 12pm, so during the peak of the heat. 113 degrees, in case you missed that. CRAZY. I think I drank about 12 litres of water that day, and still felt like I was going to pass out. Needless to say, I didn’t crack any PBs…. or for that matter ever want to do a race in Australia ever again!

  2. Good luck to everyone! Have a good run! I think I’m too old, but my dream would be to one day just get in a Rock and Roll Marathon somewhere. I have walked/run in a half marathon twice.
    My heart is with these runners!

  3. The closest I’ve come to running a marathon is quietly gestating while my mother ran. I think while she was pregnant she ran Chicago and Boston but I can never remember. My dad, also a runner, used to drag me along whenever he would run Boston or the Marine Corp marathons when I was a kid as his sister and brother lived just outside those cities, respectively. I always liked the Marine Corp race better; my uncle would take me on the Metro to the National Mall and we would visit museums and monuments for a few hours before meeting up with my father.

  4. What I like about your post is that you really show how many different kinds of people and runners compete or run the race. It’s weird, but it’s not always about competing. Sometimes it’s just about saying that you worked hard at something and you did it. Well, maybe just competing with yourself. 🙂

  5. The wheelchair shots brought tears to my eyes. I have no excuse.
    I haven’t run in a marathon but I am training for a 1/2 this October. Thanks for the peek into what’s to come.

  6. Great memories of Boston 2010 – I ran that year, and will attest it is a highlight of my life, despite the agonizing pain from my IT bands the entire race. I was injured going in to it, but Boston is just not a course to give up on.
    Something that moved me to tears while running was passing Rick and Dick Voyt on the course, a reminder that we can do anything we set our minds to, and some baggage is, in fact, not baggage at all. Enjoy this race day!

  7. Running my first Marathon a week on Monday. People (myself included) really don’t realise how much training goes into doing something like this. It’s months and months of relentless exhaustion. Well done to all who have and will complete massive challenges like this, this year. Your keeping me inspired!

  8. Reblogged this on girlonahandcycle and commented:
    had to reblog this from Stephanie today because – a, I love her comment that if those wheelchair marathoners don’t inspire you then you don’t have a soul and – b, did you SEE the time the first man in a chair over the line came in with today, even in that heat? That would be 1 hour, 18 minutes and 25 seconds – fastest time ever – way to go Josh Cassidy!!

  9. My friend Wesley Korir won this race. He use to work with me in Louisville, Ky. In Louisville during the hottest time of summer, the humidity can be suffocating. Wes is used to running in hot humid temperatures.

  10. I’m off to tackle Big Sur in two weeks! Can’t wait!!! I was one of the average Joe’s in 2010, somewhere between the guy in the B-Good hamburger costume and the singing Elvis. 🙂

  11. I’ve heard it’s amazing. One of my best friends ran it today and finished in 3:41 and I’m so proud of her. This was her 2nd marathon. I got text updates on her progress which was really nice and I had her in my thoughts the whole time.

  12. One of my best friends ran in it today and had a time of 3:41, I’m so proud of her! I’ve heard it’s amazing. I loved getting the text updates on her progress and I was thinking of her the whole time. What an experience! I can’t imagine running in this heat! Whew!

  13. The first wheelchair image is the one that I think touches me the most. I am however, a military wife and especially partial to the soldiers who run in full gear to show their strength, determination, and dedication to their country. Thanks for sharing these images. I have yet to compete in a marathon but it’s on my To-Kick-Ass-At list for later in the year or next year when I’m in better shape.

    • The wheelchair racers are the ones that inspire me the most as well, although everyone that crosses that finish line is exceptional in my book. The military men and women who run in full gear are truly amazing to me…I don’t know how they do it! Thanks to your spouse for their service 🙂

  14. There’s something about Marathons that are supercharged with energy, It’s what keeps everyone moving as a group and it’s amazing 🙂 very impressed with the military given the weight of each bag whew

  15. I ran a 5K once! Hahaha! I had to take a walking break. That’s bad. Just moved to Boston and had to work this morning, but LOVED seeing all the runners with their luggage on the T, ready to fly back home. It’s unbelievable how many people fly in just for the morning of the run!!!

  16. Nice thing to read when I have been preparing for a 10KM race in Bangalore, India on the 27th May. It is one of the most popular races in India. I have a small problem where my little toe is hurting so unable to practice at the moment. It is taking an agonisingly a lot time to heal.

    When is the Boston Marathon?

  17. I will run this marathon one day! I am inspired by the book of Haruki Murakami” What I talk about when I talk about running” I have decided to run the marathon few months before, but I had the chance to start my exercise two weeks ago. Now I’m on 4 miles a day! Don’t laugh at me, every long journey starts with small steps. I’m gonna make it.

  18. I was there too! I am so glad people were ok today, I was pretty worried! I agree with you about the wheel chairs, it makes me tear up a little bit to think of how brave they are! Great post!

  19. One time I have went marathon for student. There was about 7 kilometres. When the race start my friends keep running very fast, I am just like a turtle the race is keep going my friends are tired because they ran too fast at the first time, so I won the race. Lol

  20. Pretty cool marathon!
    One time I have been went to the marathon like this. But it’s for students, about 5 kilometers. When the race start, my friends are moving very fast leave me back, just like a turtle. The middle of the race, I ran in a medium speed and saw my friends were very tired ’cause they move too fast in the first time. However, I can finished the race. Now, I’m trying to run like a parkour, free running!!

  21. I loved this post about the Boston Marathon. I participated in some form every year I lived there. I loved watching it and totally agree with you about the energy — it was always one of the most exciting days in the city to celebrate. I’m glad I found your blog and am looking forward to reading more!

  22. Thanks for this post. Your pictures of soldiers and wheelchair racers are so inspiring. They are great motivations to run than to stay in the couch. I’m a beginning runner; I dream of running Boston Marathon, too. 🙂

  23. This post is awesome and inspirational. I like to WATCH people run… But my asthmatic lungs & aching knees (at 22) can’t take it! I’ll stick to yoga and leave the running to people like you and my boyfriend’s amazing mama 😛

  24. Holy smokes, this post actually made me tear up! Great, great piece. I’ve run two half-marathons and will be running my first full this October. Reading that has just amped up my motivation even more. Fab stuff!

  25. Great post! It gave my heart a little leap to see a post about my old home – all of my friends are still living over in the city and celebrated appropriately – we have a friend who runs it each year (in 2:53 this time…) Maniac. I hope you enjoyed the lovely weather and your Marathon Monday!

  26. Hi Stephanie! I’d like to use the photo you have of the wheelchair racer for a post I’m writing about inspiration. I would link back here, of course. May I have your permission to use it?

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